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ABOUT Nomansland New Forest, Hampshire, UK.

Nomansland is a village situated at the north edge of the New Forest in Southern England, on the border between Hampshire and Wiltshire. The village is part of the parish of Redlynch.

Nomansland is unique in that it can trace the origin of its name to a specific date: 23rd October 1802. This was the day on which an encroachment case was settled. A John Shergold had built a cottage which was deemed by the Crown to fall in the area of the New Forest and not in the "Bishop of Winchester land". The court found in favour of John Shergold and determined that his cottage was not on Crown land. People in the Court deduced that the land therefore sat neither in Crown land nor in the Bishop's land.

Claimants started to arrive that day, having walked, run or ridden to the land in question to claim land without penalty. The village became known as Nomansland.

Notable People

Lani Boyce - Deputy member of United Kingdom Youth Parliament was raised here.

Rebecca Warde - Member of United Kingdom Youth Parliament 2007.

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