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Some Forest facts:


People of the worldWhat is a commoner? Can anyone become a Commoner? What are the responsibilities of releasing stock into the Forest?
What is Common of Mast, Turbary, Estovers, Marl? They were concessions won from the Crown centuries ago - but are they still practised?

A Commoner is a person who occupies land to which Common Rights in the New Forest are attached. A Right of Common is authority for the occupier of a plot of land (to which Rights are attached), to take specified material or products from somebody else's land. In the context of the New Forest, the principal product is grazing and the owner of the land is the Crown. Land with Common Rights is not confined to the perambulation of the Forest; many "holdings" are in villages on the periphery of the Forest.

Rights of Common of Pasture are attributed to land. It permits depasturing of "commonable" animals on 45,000 acres of Open Forest. Commonable animals are ponies, horned cattle and donkeys. Goats are barred from the Open Forest. By historic practice, chicken and geese may wander in the Forest, but this is not a Common Right.

Those depasturing animals must comply with Verderers' Bye-Laws:
payments to Agisters, receipt of which is recognised by tail marking (cutting) for ponies, and ear tags for cattle;
all stock must be branded to identify the owner (usually near-side saddle area in ponies and the off-side in cattle);
disease control regulations must be complied with and vicious or mischievous animals must not be depastured;
stallions over 2 years old must be approved by the Verderers, they must be registered New Forest ponies and they must be moved on every 4th year to avoid in-breeding.

About 5,000 commonable animals are turned out. The ratio of ponies to cattle is 3:2. Around 130 stallions are turned out in the breeding season. About 500 Commoners use the Right. There is no limit to the number of animals that may be depastured.

...But though the form of the New-forest horse is seldom beautiful; yet as the ornament of a forest scene he is very picturesque. The horse, in his natural state, rough with all his mane about him, and his tail waving in the wind, as he feeds, is always beautiful; but particularly in so wild a scene as this, which he graces exceedingly."
(William Gilpin, 1791)

Common of Mast is the right to turn out pigs in the Forest during the Pannage season. The Pannage season is a period of not less than 60 days, fixed by the Forestry Commission after consultation with the Verderers. Before the 1964 New Forest Act, the Pannage season was fixed at 25 Sep-22 Nov.

Pannage is an ancient practice to fatten pigs before slaughter and salting for the winter. It was additionally useful in the Forest - the pigs turned out ate green acorns and beech mast that are poisonous to cattle and ponies (for example, in 1968, 80 ponies and 40 cattle died eating acorns). The 3,500 acres of Adjacent Commons recently brought within the perambulation are not subject to Pannage dates.

In the 19th century, up to 5,000-6,000 pigs were turned out; currently the numbers are in hundreds - it is a declining Right. Commoners may also turn out breeding sows out all year providing they return to the Commoner's holding at night, and are not a nuisance. This is not a true Right, it is an established practice.

Right of Turbary

This Right allows the Commoner to cut turf for fuel; turves were once cut in tens of thousands each year. Turves were 2' by 1'; to preserve grazing and reduce environmental damage, for every turf cut, two were left. A ticket to cut turf was issued by the Forestry Commission. In 1876, 80 people cut turf, but the Right is no longer practised. The Rights belong to the chimney and hearth of a property, not the land.

Right of Fuelwood (Estovers)

This is the Right to cut wood for fuel. The wood must be burned in the house and the Right applies to the hearth, not land.

The Right is now confined to a few Commoners; most have sold their Rights to the Forestry Commission. The Forestry Commission stacks the wood close to holdings in long stacks. The stacks are labelled into "cords"; a cord is a stack of wood in 4 foot lengths, 4 feet high and 8 feet long. In 1996, 99 properties had allocations totalling 221 cords. The Right is controlled by the Forestry Commission, to inhibit plunder of the Ancient & Ornamental woodland.

Anyone living in a property built before 1850 within the perambulation can pick fallen twigs and branches, providing a vehicle is not required to transport them.

Right of Common of Marl

Marl is a lime-rich clay used to fertilise land; it was also be used for building. The Right of Common of Marl was to dig marl from one of the 23 pits mentioned in the Register of Claims. It is not now exercised; modern fertilisers have made the practice unnecessary and exercise of the Right died out last century. It was confined geologically to the south of the Forest.

Common of Pasture of Sheep

There are Rights to depasture sheep at very few holdings, principally at Godshill and Beaulieu - lands formerly belonging to monastic properties. Exercise of the sheep Rights is uncommon; in the early 1990's 100 sheep were depastured at Godshill for the first time this century - they are now gone. Sheep are depastured on the former Adjacent Commons, principally Penn Common.

Customs (not Rights of Common)

Cutting fern: Fern (bracken) is cut from the end of August. It was originally cut in squares by scythe, but is now "swiped" by machine. Sixty bundles (pooks) made one wagon load. It was a frequent practice until the 1940's and the tracks of the wagons can still be traced on the ground. The bracken had the same utility as straw. It is still cut by a few now as bedding for ponies, but it is principally cut to stop the fronds smothering sweet grass.

Bees: Hives are placed July-September; a fee is payable to Forestry Commission. Old "Bee Gardens" have been described in the Forest - small circular enclosures where hives were placed. Names of locations in the Forest testify to the practice - Hive Garn Bottom, King's Garn Gutter.

Gorse (furze) and holly: They were cut to provide browse in the winter for the ponies and deer. Deer won't eat gorse, but they find cut holly palatable. I have never seen cut gorse, but holly trees are still pollarded to provide winter browse.

Updated: July 16, 2011

Recent Events:

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In the Beginning:

The New Forest UK web site was created by me, a local resident living in Sway. After devoting much of my life teaching Children's Football for several new forest clubs as a recognised Football Association coach (The F.A.), I had to give it up after suffering a serious cardiac arrest whilst taking a training session. After several weeks in Southampton General Hospital, where the magnificent Doctors, Nurses and Staff saved my life, I was left with a debilitating heart condition and some minor brain damage that left me with little or no options in the employment dept.

OK put the handkerchiefs away, I'm still here to be with my Wife and 3 Children. But what to do now? Having little or no energy for traditional work and registered as disabled, I needed to find something to do to keep my brain alive. With pacemaker/defibrillator in hand (well, Chest actually!) I decided to create a web site promoting local businesses in the new forest area such as Hotels, Cottages, B&B accommodations and anyone else that would pay for an insertion into the portal site that I created and spent many an hour getting search engine results for http://www.new-forest-bed-breakfast.co.uk although it took several years to achieve it was all in a good cause; to make money for the Children's Charity The Starlight Foundation who make wishes come true for seriously and terminally ill kids.

The Growing Years:

During this long period my creation began to get more and more results on the major search engines so I decided to create a more complete site, not only advertising local businesses, but giving as much local knowledge as possible to visitors in an effort to better inform them and to help new forest tourism. And, hopefully be able to earn some money to support my family who have had some pretty hard years of care to cope with.

Where we're going:

Many websites that promote new forest tourism still do not design the site for the consumer who, after all, are the life's blood of many people who live and work in the new forest providing tourists cash for shops, restaurants, cafes as well as bed and breakfast guest houses and the ancillary workers associated with the like.

So here we are! The brand new look and feel which both caters for the visitors and advertisers alike. With features that are exiting and entertaining for the visitor and with unique features and functionality which none of the other independent new forest portal sites have;

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Catherine has worked for some of the best Hotels around the world and has a good understanding of the hospitality industry. Now retired, she devotes her spare time into helping this business grow and keeping our public relations working for our clients and guests alike.

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Some Helpful Information About New Forest Events for 2011
10th April

Car Boot Sale (Fawcetts Field, New Milton)
This event is organised by The Rotary Club or New Milton with all proceeds going to Rotary supported charities.

11th - 17th April

Milford on Sea Food Week

The second annual Milford on Sea Food week is a celebration of all that’s great about local food.

Milford on Sea will be alive with dining offers & themed events, cookery demonstrations & experiences, presentations, talks, educational events, children’s fun cooking classes, kids food treasure hunt, recipe book swaps, a village recipe book, & the chance to buy local produce at our very own food market. There are over 100 village events run by various local eateries, clubs & organisations, with something for everybody & every age group.

For further detail visit www.milfordonseafoodweek.org

16th April

Arts and Crafts Fair (Hythe Community Centre)

Hythe and Waterside Rotary Club host this event which will include paintings, photography, textiles, jewellery, sculpture and much more. The fair runs between 10:30am and 3:30pm with a 50p admission charge.

8th May Car Boot Sale (Fawcetts Field, New Milton)
This event is organised by The Rotary Club or New Milton with all proceeds going to Rotary supported charities.
10th May

NFBP Business Breakfast (Southern forest, venue tbc)

The second in the series of business breakfasts taking place this year. This event will include a guest speaker and cooked breakfast.

For further details of this event, please contact Matt Callaghan on 023 8028 5371 or e-mail matt.callaghan@nfdc.gov.uk

21st May

May Gardeners' Market Mallard Court, New Milton
Organised by the Rotary Club of New Milton. This event will start at 8am and last until all the plants are sold!

12th - 18th June

The Lymington Arts Festival

The 2011 Festival has a “linkage,” theme and will encompass a variety of arts activities including; fine art, sculpture, music, drama, literature, photography, poetry and a diverse selection of crafts. Exhibitions, music & theatre performances, workshops, competitions and taster-sessions will be on offer. The festival will culminate with a free one-day arts and music event on Saturday 18th June centred on Lymington High Street and the Lymington Community Centre.

Many activities FREE or at nominal charge. Some events raising money for charity. Lymington High Street Performance Day; Sat 18 June, 11am to 8pm: FREE.

See the Festival website for details of events and activities: www.lymingtonartsfestival.org.uk

12th June Car Boot Sale (Fawcetts Field, New Milton)
This event is organised by The Rotary Club or New Milton with all proceeds going to Rotary supported charities.
3rd July Car Boot Sale (Fawcetts Field, New Milton)
This event is organised by The Rotary Club or New Milton with all proceeds going to Rotary supported charities.
10th July

Pedal Car Race High Street, New Milton
Organised by the Rotary Club of New Milton this event will take place between 12:30 and 4:30

14th July

NFBP Business Breakfast (Waterside, venue tbc)

The third in the series of business breakfasts taking place this year. This event will include a guest speaker and cooked breakfast.

For further details of this event, please contact Matt Callaghan on 023 8028 5371 or e-mail matt.callaghan@nfdc.gov.uk

14 August Car Boot Sale (Fawcetts Field, New Milton)
This event is organised by The Rotary Club or New Milton with all proceeds going to Rotary supported charities.
11 September Car Boot Sale (Fawcetts Field, New Milton)
This event is organised by The Rotary Club or New Milton with all proceeds going to Rotary supported charities.
21st September

NFBP Golf Day and Launch of 2011/12 Brilliance in Business Awards (Dibden Golf Centre)

Further to the success of this event last year, local businesses will be invited to compete in the NFBP Annual Golf Day. Following the day's play on one of the finest local courses, a networking buffet will be provided during which the Brilliance in Business Awards will be launched including the announcement of this year's categories and sponsors. Non-golf players are welcome to join the networking part of this event.

For further details of this event, please contact Matt Callaghan on 023 8028 5371 or e-mail matt.callaghan@nfdc.gov.uk

29th September

Fashion Show Hoburne Bashley, Sway Road
Organised by The Rotary Club of New Milton, doors open at 6:30pm. For tickets contact 01590 682993 or 01590 642235.

23rd November

2011/12 Brilliance in Business Awards Presentation (Careys Manor, Brockenhurst)

This prestigious event celebrates the best of all that is doing business in the New Forest. Winners will be announced in each of the award categories followed by a fine local produce buffet. Further details of this event will be announced later in the year.

If you know of an event please email: admin@newforest.uk.com we would love to hear about it




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